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Anything you do for the first time can be scary! That goes for investing in real estate also. Syndication can be an intimidating word. It basically just means that a group of people come together to invest in a larger asset than one could invest in by themselves. Here you will find my five step process to passively investing in real estate. My hope for you is that this process will make investing in real estate much easier and kickstart your journey to wealth creation.

5 Step Process For Passively Investing In Real Estate

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About This Show.

I believe that many of you may relate to my story!

I've been very successful in several careers and was taught to always save a percentage of my income, put it into the stock market and it would grow exponentially over time. It did grow over time but nowhere near what I would have expected. In the back half of 2017, I went searching for another way and found a path to invest in real estate.

It's been quoted over and over, that 90% of millionaires obtain their wealth through real estate.

I just turned 50 in early May 2020. I wish I had learned this at an earlier age but I'm very thankful that I know now. Wealth creation through real estate provided me with a new passion to get the word out and let others know that they have an alternative to investing in the stock market.

If I can inspire and educate just one person to take action that results in life changing wealth creation then the work to launch and grow this podcast is well worth the effort.

I hope that you will join me on this journey as we learn from other successful real estate investors that have gone before us!

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Why you should listen to Darin Batchelder's Real Estate Investing Podcast
For New Listeners

Why you should listen to Darin Batchelder’s Real Estate Investing Podcast

Have you ever wondered how to get started in real estate investing? Join Darin as he brings to you the best real estate investing information from across top performers in the industry. If you are looking to build wealth through real estate investing, you owe it to yourself to listen to Darin Batchelder’s Real Estate Investing Show.

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How To Create Competitive Advantage And Use Real Estate Inflation Hedge With Kim Radaker Bays [Ep. 053]

June 15, 2021

Are you looking for a way to create competitive advantage and/or want to learn why multifamily is a good real estate inflation hedge? Kim is an expert when it comes to multifamily syndication. Her and her team at Exponential Property Group have closed on 22 properties and currently have over 4,300 units under management. They are always looking for ways to maximize investor returns and have experience in both buying and selling properties. Listen as Kim shares how they gained their competitive advantage and what she thinks of multifamily real estate as an inflation hedge.

How To Make Fantastic Returns On Multifamily Distressed Assets, With Jimmy Edwards [Ep. 052]

June 8, 2021

Are you looking to invest in distressed assets? Jimmy Edwards started in residential and scaled into multifamily. He is a general partner in about 600 multifamily units. He’s not afraid of the tough stuff, and he’s made it work time and again. His latest deal doubled investors’ money in three years on a West Texas multifamily property. He and his team grew occupancy from 50% to 92%. Listen to hear how Jimmy is used to being comfortable with being uncomfortable and how he and his team find ways to improve the value of distressed assets.

How To Buy Multifamily Property With Confidence The Wallstreet Way, With Ryan Nunes [Ep. 051]

June 1, 2021

Have you ever wanted to buy multifamily property with an institutional approach? Ryan Nunes found that the best way to make money is by doing the right thing and is focused on providing life-changing returns to investors. His background as a commodities trader means he approaches his investments with an analytical, methodical, and comprehensive approach. Ryan wants to help people start living their lives on their terms – so they can spend more time with family, travel more often, or do whatever else makes them happy without worrying about making ends meet every month. Listen as he shares how he takes his Wallstreet background and applies that experience to the inefficient multifamily investing market!

How To Start Building Wealth Through Real Estate With Corey Peterson [Ep. 050]

May 25, 2021

Are you looking how to start building wealth through real estate? Corey Peterson is a multifamily investor with close to 2,000 units. He’s an author, podcast host, mastermind host, and coach. Corey has learned how to create both financial freedom and time freedom. He continues to buy one to three $20-$30 million deals per year. Corey enjoys serving others by building both his and his investors’ wealth and teaching others how to do it. Corey motivates himself to continue growing as he loves being the “Supplier of Fun” for others! You can learn from him on his podcast or in person at one of his workshops or seminars. His goal is for you not only to make money but also to have fun doing it! Learn more about what he offers at https://kahunawealthbuilders.com/

Why The Greatest Wealth Is Health, With Multifamily Investor Jason Yarusi [Ep. 049]

May 18, 2021

Jason Yarusi is a multifamily investor, author, speaker and coach. Jason is the author of How To Master A Fit Rich Life In 15 Days. He has successfully completed 9 syndications in four states for approximately 850 units. Jason will teach you how to master your mindset, health and wealth all at once by focusing on three key areas of your life – physical fitness, mental wellness and financial stability. The greatest wealth is health! And when you have those two things down pat, everything else falls into place effortlessly. It’s not about getting rich quick or being perfect overnight; it’s about making small changes over time that lead to big results in every area of your life. Click below to listen now!

How I Found Confidence And Courage To Get Started Multifamily Investing With Jason Robin [Ep. 048]

May 11, 2021

Have you ever wanted to start passively investing in real estate but didn’t know how? Start by listening to Jason Robin share his story of how he found confidence and courage to get started multifamily investing. Listen as he shares his journey as a W2 employee at a technology company in the DFW area, who knew he wanted to start creating passive income but didn’t know how. Hear Jason share what it was like when he got involved as a passive investor in his first multifamily deal, and how that experience helped him find the confidence to look for future deals to get involved with. You don’t have to be an expert or be rich before you can invest in multifamily real estate! Learn what’s involved from Jason’s personal experience. Click below to listen now!

How Managing Downside Protection Helps Fulfill Need For Capital Preservation With Tauheed Siddiqui [Ep. 047]

May 4, 2021

Are you an investor looking for better risk adjusted returns? Tauheed Siddiqui, a Wallstreet hedge fund veteran, has found that multifamily real estate offers investors better risk adjusted returns and less volatility as compared to stocks. He leverages his analytical skills to select the right multifamily deals. Tauheed is a general partner in over 1,300 units. He is focused on existing value add multifamily deals as well as new construction development. Listen to hear how Tauheed manages downside protection, downside risk and capital preservation in this episode! Click below to listen now!

Why Communication Is Key To Success In Real Estate With Arleen Garza [Ep. 046]

April 27, 2021

Do you want to know the secret to success in real estate? Arleen Garza is an award-winning real estate investor and syndicator and alongside Jacob, her husband and business partner, she is a founder of the company, REEP Equity. Since founding the business in 2012, they’ve purchased 16 multifamily properties. The only way for Arleen and her husband Jacob to grow their company successfully is through effective communication with each other, their business partners, their employees, investors, vendor partners – everyone! That’s how they’ve been able to grow their company over the last 9 years into 2,500 units worth $250 million dollars under management today! So make sure you’re communicating well with those around you! If you’re looking to grow and scale your real estate investing business, then listen to this podcast episode where Arleen discusses why communication is key to success in real estate! You’ll be able to hear from someone who’s had great success but also understands that it takes hard work along with good communication skills. It’s not easy but if you follow these tips then there’s no reason why you can’t succeed too!

Real Estate Cycles With David Lindahl [Ep. 045]

April 20, 2021

Have you ever wondered what the real estate market is going to do next? David Lindahl has seen it all. He knows how to spot a good deal, when to buy, and more importantly, when not to buy. Listen as he talks about his experience with real estate cycles and shares some of his best tips on investing. David is a seasoned multifamily real estate investor, best selling author and runs a real estate investing education company called RE Mentor. Listen now! This is your chance to hear from someone who has been through 3 different real estate cycles already and knows what it takes to spot opportunities in the market for buying property or selling property as well as managing properties during these times. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

How To Stand Out In Real Estate Investing, With Hayden Harrington [Ep. 044]

April 13, 2021

Are you looking to find out how to stand out and break into the multifamily industry? You’ve come to the right place. Hayden Harrington just landed his first deal and it was a big one! It was a 228 unit A class syndicated deal in Houston. Listen as he shares what it takes to get your foot in the door and how you can add value as a new guy in this industry. There are no excuses for younger people listening or inexperienced investors looking to break into this industry. Listen up as Hayden shares what it took to break in and how you can do it too!

Hiring A Mentor With Jacob Garza [Ep. 043]

April 6, 2021

Have you ever wondered what hiring a mentor could do for you? Jacob Garza is an entrepreneur, business owner, and real estate investor. He has built and sold tech companies, purchased 10 multifamily deals for over 2,000 units, and is always looking to learn from others ahead of him. Even with all his experience, he’s hired a mentor, is part of several masterminds, and networks with others that can help him reach the next level. Jacob is an operations guy focused on the “user experience” and creating efficiencies wherever he can, such as going paperless. In addition, he and his wife, Arleen, are just a class act! If you’re interested in learning more about how to leverage others, listen to Jacob! It doesn’t matter if you are looking to invest in real estate for the first time or looking to scale, Jacob shares some great tips on how to make it happen!

Setting The Bar High With Dr Erin Hudson [Ep. 042]

March 30, 2021

Listen to Erin Hudson’s focus on setting the bar high! She’s learned to delegate and outsource. Her saying is she puts “aces in their places.” Erin started in single family with 26 single family rental properties and shifted to multifamily with 11 properties and over 450 units. This girl has incredible belief in herself and has a passion for motivating others to get in the game!

Creative Financing in Real Estate With Bill Ham [Ep. 041]

March 23, 2021

Listen to Bill Ham discuss creative financing in real estate. He is a 15 year veteran real estate investor, educator and author of a new book called Creative Cash. The time will come when bank financing slows down and we will all need more tools in our toolbox to get deals done. Bill understands real estate cycles and offers up tools such as Seller Financing and Master Lease Options to help real estate investors become more creative and increase probabilities of closing deals.

Senior Assisted Living With Loe Hornbuckle [Ep. 040]

March 16, 2021

Listen to Loe Hornbuckle as he helps educate us on the Senior Living space. Loe helps define the various categories within Senior Living, draws attention to the impact the baby boomer generation will have on the space and discusses differences between Senior Living and multifamily. Loe’s companies currently have over $35 million in development.

Establishing A Multifamily Acquisition Fund With Ivan Barratt [Ep. 039]

March 9, 2021

Listen to Ivan Barratt describe the benefits of establishing a multifamily acquisition fund. This guy has been in real estate since graduating college. He’s an action guy and learns by doing! He’s created a company with over 100 employees, over $400 million in assets under management and ‘get this’ raised over $100 million in private equity. And it all started with a duplex!

Bullish On Apartment Investing With Michael Becker [Ep. 038]

March 2, 2021

Listen to Michael Becker as he shares his bullish view on multifamily apartment investing. This guy has done over 50 syndicated deals for over 10,000 units. He started buying properties at $30,000 per door. Those same properties may be trading at over $100,000 per door in today’s market. Listen in to hear why Michael remains bullish on the apartment investing space!

Women Real Estate Investing Leadership With Maureen Miles [Ep. 037]

February 23, 2021

Listen to Maureen Miles share how she broke into the multifamily industry! She started with small multifamily while she was still working as a networking engineer. She then left to form her own company and has since closed on over 20 syndication deals for over 3,300 units! This girl is a go getter and an inspiration to so many in the industry!

Multiple Streams of Income With Dr Jeff Anzalone [Ep. 036]

February 17, 2021

Listen to Dr. Jeff Anzalone discuss how he went in pursuit of finding a way to create multiple streams of income. He created a blog called debtfreedr.com to help educate other doctors and other high income earners leverage the lessons he’s learned along the way. Jeff’s learned that there are a vast number of high income earners out there that are extremely smart in their field but have neglected to focus on their financial investments, which has negatively impacted their net worth. Jeff is looking to educate and get the word out, specifically that there is a way to take back control of your finances!

Achieving Unthinkable Goals Through Growth Mindset With Rod Khleif [Ep. 035]

February 9, 2021

Listen to Rod Khleif share how to achieve unthinkable goals by expanding your mindset. Rod’s podcast, Lifetime Cash Flow through Real Estate, has over 10 million downloads. His coaching students have purchased over 40,000 units. Rod is a huge believer in mindset and the ability to achieve great things if you have a burning desire to make it happen!

Purchasing 1,200 Multifamily Units On Active Duty With Tim Kelly [Ep. 034]

February 2, 2021

Listen to Tim Kelly discuss purchasing 1,200 multifamily units while on active duty. His focus has now shifted to helping current active duty individuals learn how to do what he did. In addition he has massive personal goals to achieve another 5,000 units over the next three years and to grow his net worth into the eight figures!

Financial Freedom To Serving Others With Mark Kenney [Ep. 033]

January 26, 2021

Listen to Mark Kenney talk about acquiring 47 properties and 8,000+ units to achieve financial freedom. His focus has now shifted to teaching others how to build wealth and giving to charitable causes. He has a family approach to bringing people together to make deals happen!

Wake Surfing To Multifamily Success With Michael Roeder [Ep. 032]

January 19, 2021

Listen to hear Mike Roeder talk about growing up wave skating and snow boarding and and then teaming up with his high school buddy to go after multifamily. These guys started with an 8 unit and a 20 unit and then scaled up into syndications. They now have seven syndications deals for over 700+ units on the books! He’s still an outdoors guy and can often be found on the lake with his family wake surfing!

10 Years In Multifamily Syndication With Aaron Katz [Ep. 031]

January 12, 2021

Listen to hear Aaron Katz talk about his 10 years in multifamily syndication. He’s syndicated over 1,800 units and is in the business for the long term. He’s not only focused on acquiring properties and units but is also focused on self-development and living his best life today, not in the distant future!

New Multifamily Construction With Venkat Avasarala [Ep. 030]

January 5, 2021

Listen to hear Venkat Avasarala discuss how he and his business partner formed Raven Multifamily, raised over $80 million in equity and purchased over 3,000 multifamily units through syndication. He is not slowing down one bit! Venkat is looking to add another 3,000 units but on the new multifamily construction side.


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What Investors Are Saying

Work ethic, attention to detail and asset management skills


Darin and I joined forces to partner as co-sponsors for the Hampton Hollow acquisition back in 2018. His work ethic, attention to detail, asset management skills, and people skills have had a huge impact on the success of this deal, which has performed above expectations. Whether it's syndicating real estate deals, hosting a podcast, or being a dedicated family man...I know Darin is going to succeed in everything he puts his mind to.

Raj Gupta Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Impact Prosperity Partners, Naperville, IL

Investor’s money as if it were his very own


I met Darin through an educational investment group based in Dallas, TX. I can honestly say working with, and investing with Darin has been a breath of fresh air. His work ethic is genuine, honest, diligent and effective. I can rest easy knowing he cares about each and every investor’s money as if it were his very own. I would not hesitate to invest over and over again with Darin at the helm!

Jane Paull-Bridgeman CEO of De Novo Tempus Enterprise Inc, Frisco, TX

Takes care of employees and tenants like family


As a fellow student of a multifamily real estate program, I came to know Darin. As a multifamily syndicator, Darin took care of employees and tenants like family during the Covid-19 crisis and updated investors personally on the situation. I appreciate all his hard work and wish him the best.

Kishor Bhatt Multifamily investor, Kinetic Technologies, Milipitas, CA

Able to answer all my questions


I have owned residential rent properties for over 10 years. During that time period I was always looking for real estate opportunities to help me diversify my investment portfolio. When Darin approached me with a multi-family investment opportunity, I quickly invested because it was exactly what I was looking for. Darin was well prepared with the information and was able to answer all my questions as we worked together. He was extremely helpful in making not only the investment details make sense but also in the administrative process. Since my initial investment was made, I have been extremely pleased with the results as well as Darin’s consistent communication as to how the project is progressing and would recommend participation in the next opportunity to anyone.

Brian Grubbs Managing Director, SAMCO Capital Celina, TX

Integrity and vast business knowledge


We first met Darin in February of 2018 at an investment event. A few months later we were given an opportunity to join him as passive investors. Darin has proven to be a remarkable and capable leader. Cheryl and I appreciate Darin’s integrity and vast business knowledge and look forward to many more opportunities to partner with him in the future.

Doug & Cheryl Bozarth Olive Hill Investments, Desoto Texas

A Great Experience


Darin was an excellent guide when I wanted to make an investment in multifamily…..he showed his passion for the industry and was always willing to spend time with me to educate me as deep as I wanted on the process, opportunities, and risks…..he was a wonderful guide. And, since I have made the initial investment, he has been meticulous and communicative about the property and process, and been a very good steward of my capital. A great experience!

Michael Blair Area Vice President Prosper, TX

Creative ideas to help our apartments do very well


I got to know Darin personally before we invested with him. He's an upstanding person, provides transparent communication on investments and plans ahead. Real leaders shine during difficult times and that was Darin during COVID-19. He personally called his investors to discuss the strategy, increased his written communication and had creative ideas to help our apartments do very well in trying times.

Chad Bullock Global Sales Lead Converged Infrastructure, Cisco, Dallas TX

I look for good sponsors


As a passive, I look for good sponsors; I look for a person that is knowledgeable, 'feels' trustworthy, and has financial and managerial acumen. He had partnered with another excellent fellow, the deal looked good, Darin sounded excited. I jumped and I have been satisfied with the results. I actually use Darin as an example of a good neophyte sponsor when I describe MF RE and what I look for.

Charles LeMaire Real Estate Investor

Patient and competent leadership.


I have known Darin for over 10 years personally and 3 years professionally. Darin has incredible insight into both financial and professional matters that makes everyone immediately feel at home and in good hands. Darin's moral compass and ethical values shines through in every relationship. I am fortunate enough to be both his friend and investment partner, learning and journeying through good and bad financial environments with his patient and competent leadership.

Todd Stout Product Developer Manager, NAM SKF USA, Inc. Longview, TX

Highly recommended deal sponsor


I know Darin ad his business partner through a mutual multifamily investor network where they are known and highly recommended as deal sponsors. Bottom line, Darin and his business partner are top notch and I would not hesitate to invest with them again.

JB Colletta Principal, Family of Plenty

My Five Step Process For Passively Investing in Real Estate

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What do I believe in?

  • I believe in God
  • I believe in family and friends
  • I believe in the American way
  • I believe in the entrepreneurial spirit
  • I believe in relationships
  • I believe in hope
  • I believe in learning
  • I believe in hard work
  • I believe in the ability to create wealth no matter where you get started
  • I believe in taking action and going after your dreams
  • I believe we are stronger together!

About Darin Batchelder

What motivates me? What's my Why?

  • I'm looking for Financial Freedom like many of you
  • I'm looking to inspire others to go after their dreams

Business Background

I started as a CPA with PriceWaterhouse and PepsiCo. I transitioned into sales selling software applications for several technology companies. I then transitioned to institutional loan trading with ABN AMRO, an international bank based in the Netherlands, with main focus on trading large jumbo residential portfolios and multifamily portfolios bank to bank. I then founded TZK Capital in 2007 focused on trading clean credit performing loans to include residential, multifamily and commercial real estate loans bank to bank. I've traded in excess of $4 billion in loans.

Real Estate Background

I decided to get involved purchasing real estate in the fourth quarter of 2017. I first purchased a new construction duplex. I then searched for a way to go after larger deals. I was very familiar with the multifamily asset class but wanted to learn how to purchase larger deals.

I joined a multifamily mentorship group in the Dallas area. At the beginning of 2018, I started to invest passively into other sponsors multifamily deals as well as started to underwrite and go after my own lead sponsor deal. I closed my first lead sponsor deal at the end of 2018 which was a 76 unit townhome community.

In total I'm invested in over 4,000 multifamily units. Seven deals passively with other sponsors, one deal as the lead sponsor and one deal I partnered with two well established general partners for a small minority stake in the deal.