My Free 5 Step Process For
Passively Investing in Real Estate

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5 Step Process For Investing

Darin Batchelder

Multi Family Real Estate Investor & Syndicator

Learn My Five Step Process For
Passively Investing In Real Estate

Anything you do for the first time can be scary! That goes for investing in real estate also.

Syndication can be an intimidating word. It basically just means that a group of people come together to invest in a larger asset than one could invest in by themselves.

Here you will find my five step process to passively investing in real estate. My hope for you is that this process will make investing in real estate much easier and kickstart your journey to wealth creation.

5 Step Process For Investing

About Darin Batchelder

At the beginning of 2018, I started to invest passively into other sponsors multifamily deals as well as started to underwrite and go after my own lead sponsor deal. I closed my first lead sponsor deal at the end of 2018 which was a 76 unit townhome community.

In total I'm invested in over 4,000 multifamily units. Seven deals passively with other sponsors, one deal as the lead sponsor and one deal I partnered with two well established general partners for a small minority stake in the deal.

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Why They Recommend Working With Darin


Patient and competent leadership.

I have known Darin for over 10 years personally and 3 years professionally. Darin has incredible insight into both financial and professional matters that makes everyone immediately feel at home and in good hands. Darin's moral compass and ethical values shines through in every relationship. I am fortunate enough to be both his friend and investment partner, learning and journeying through good and bad financial environments with his patient and competent leadership.

Todd Stout - Product Developer Manager, NAM SKF USA, Inc. Longview, TX

Investor’s money as if it were his very own

I met Darin through an educational investment group based in Dallas, TX. I can honestly say working with, and investing with Darin has been a breath of fresh air. His work ethic is genuine, honest, diligent and effective. I can rest easy knowing he cares about each and every investor’s money as if it were his very own. I would not hesitate to invest over and over again with Darin at the helm!

Jane Paull-Bridgeman - CEO of De Novo Tempus Enterprise Inc, Frisco, TX

Takes care of employees and tenants like family

As a fellow student of a multifamily real estate program, I came to know Darin. As a multifamily syndicator, Darin took care of employees and tenants like family during the Covid-19 crisis and updated investors personally on the situation. I appreciate all his hard work and wish him the best.

Kishor Bhatt - Multifamily investor, Kinetic Technologies, Milipitas, CA

Work ethic, attention to detail and asset management skills

Darin and I joined forces to partner as co-sponsors for the Hampton Hollow acquisition back in 2018. His work ethic, attention to detail, asset management skills, and people skills have had a huge impact on the success of this deal, which has performed above expectations. Whether it's syndicating real estate deals, hosting a podcast, or being a dedicated family man...I know Darin is going to succeed in everything he puts his mind to.

Raj Gupta - Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Impact Prosperity Partners, Naperville, IL

I look for good sponsors

As a passive, I look for good sponsors; I look for a person that is knowledgeable, 'feels' trustworthy, and has financial and managerial acumen. He had partnered with another excellent fellow, the deal looked good, Darin sounded excited. I jumped and I have been satisfied with the results. I actually use Darin as an example of a good neophyte sponsor when I describe MF RE and what I look for.

Charles LeMaire - Real Estate Investor

Integrity and vast business knowledge

We first met Darin in February of 2018 at an investment event. A few months later we were given an opportunity to join him as passive investors. Darin has proven to be a remarkable and capable leader. Cheryl and I appreciate Darin’s integrity and vast business knowledge and look forward to many more opportunities to partner with him in the future.

Doug & Cheryl Bozarth - Olive Hill Investments, Desoto Texas

Creative ideas to help our apartments do very well

I got to know Darin personally before we invested with him. He's an upstanding person, provides transparent communication on investments and plans ahead. Real leaders shine during difficult times and that was Darin during COVID-19. He personally called his investors to discuss the strategy, increased his written communication and had creative ideas to help our apartments do very well in trying times.

Chad Bullock - Global Sales Lead Converged Infrastructure, Cisco, Dallas TX

A Great Experience

Darin was an excellent guide when I wanted to make an investment in multifamily…..he showed his passion for the industry and was always willing to spend time with me to educate me as deep as I wanted on the process, opportunities, and risks…..he was a wonderful guide. And, since I have made the initial investment, he has been meticulous and communicative about the property and process, and been a very good steward of my capital. A great experience!

Michael Blair - Area Vice President Prosper, TX

Able to answer all my questions

I have owned residential rent properties for over 10 years. During that time period I was always looking for real estate opportunities to help me diversify my investment portfolio. When Darin approached me with a multi-family investment opportunity, I quickly invested because it was exactly what I was looking for. Darin was well prepared with the information and was able to answer all my questions as we worked together. He was extremely helpful in making not only the investment details make sense but also in the administrative process. Since my initial investment was made, I have been extremely pleased with the results as well as Darin’s consistent communication as to how the project is progressing and would recommend participation in the next opportunity to anyone.

Brian Grubbs - Managing Director, SAMCO Capital Celina, TX

Highly recommended deal sponsor

I know Darin ad his business partner through a mutual multifamily investor network where they are known and highly recommended as deal sponsors. Bottom line, Darin and his business partner are top notch and I would not hesitate to invest with them again.

JB Colletta - Principal, Family of Plenty

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