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How To Add Value In Multifamily Partnership With Darin Batchelder [Ep188] cover

January 16, 2024

How To Add Value In Multifamily Partnership With Darin Batchelder [Ep188]

In this episode, Darin shares a valuable lesson he learned when starting out in multifamily investing. He discusses the five ways to add value in a multifamily partnership. And, he recalls how he transitioned his approach from seeking partnerships to actively searching for investment opportunities. Plus, the pivotal role it played in his success. Darin also emphasizes the importance of leveraging one's strengths. Whether it be experience, capital, network, or asset management skills, to contribute to a partnership. Tune in to gain insights on how to identify and communicate your value in real estate partnerships and take your investing endeavors to the next level.

Episode Timestamps

  • 00:00 Adding value in partnerships.
  • 04:07 Research, site visits, build relationships, seek partners.

Episode Table of Contents

  • Story of Getting Started
  • Add Value by Finding the Right Deal
  • Ways to Add Value

Story of Getting Started

Story of Getting Started
Photographer: Michael Tuszynski | Source: Unsplash
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Introduction to Multifamily Investing

When Darin first delved into the world of multifamily investing, his strategy was grounded in leveraging his amicable personality to establish partnerships with seasoned professionals. During networking events, he earnestly sought out connections with influential investors, hoping that these potential partnerships would organically blossom into lucrative deals. His method hinged upon the assumption that goodwill and a friendly disposition could act as a strong foundation for business relationships in the real estate sphere. However, although he was met with polite responses and casual acknowledgements, Darin quickly learned that something critical was missing from his approach. The real estate market valued experience and a track record of success far more than just pleasant interactions. Something he was yet to cultivate.

Realization and Strategic Shift on How to Add Value

Darin's pivotal moment came during an exchange with a knowledgeable investor who questioned the logic behind choosing him as a partner. The investor pointed out other individuals in the room who, with their extensive experience and established networks, stood as more logical choices for potential partnerships. This included connections with property management companies, brokers, general contractors, and reliable investors. All integral components for successful real estate ventures. This eye-opening discussion became the catalyst for Darin's strategic shift. Rather than relying on geniality, he recognized the need to proactively pursue and secure a deal that would showcase his value to potential partners. Embracing this new direction, he focused on a specific niche within the multifamily market. He committed himself to the meticulous work required to bring a viable investment opportunity to the table.

Adding Value in Multifamily Partnerships: "I would recommend that you think through where you are strong and where you can add value. And then tell people where you are strong and what type of partners you’re looking for."

Add Value by Finding the Right Deal

Add Value by Finding the Right Deal
Photographer: Markus Winkler | Source: Unsplash

Unit Size and Market Selection

Darin's strategic approach to multifamily investing begins with a targeted focus on unit size and market selection. By concentrating on properties with 60 to 100 units within the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area, he capitalizes on a niche that offers manageable scale for both new and experienced investors. This precise focus helps in identifying opportunities that are significant enough to yield meaningful returns while still being approachable for someone who is building their portfolio. Darin's choice of the DFW market is equally strategic. This area is known for its robust growth and investment potential, which can be critical for the success of a multifamily deal.

Add Value Through Thorough Underwriting and Collaboration

Once Darin zeroes in on potential deals, his methodology includes a rigorous process of underwriting each one to assess their financial viability. He meticulously evaluates the numbers, ensuring that they match his investment criteria and projected returns. To refine his assessments, Darin collaborates with property management companies to attain accurate operating budgets. Thereby grounding his projections in realism. These partnerships are critical, as they bring in expertise and local market knowledge. These are invaluable when it comes to managing the asset after acquisition. Furthermore, building rapport with brokers during property visits nurtures relationships that can lead to preferential deal flow and insider market insights.

Visiting Comparable Properties

Understanding the competitive landscape is key in multifamily investing, and Darin spotlights the importance of on-the-ground research. By visiting comparable properties in the vicinity of a potential investment, he gains firsthand knowledge of the local market conditions, including rental rates and amenity offerings. This level of detailed analysis enables him to verify whether the proposed improvements and rent increases are achievable. A crucial element in crafting a sound business plan. These site visits not only inform his deal evaluation process. This also demonstrates to brokers and potential partners his commitment and due diligence, thereby enhancing his credibility in the multifamily space.

Ways to Add Value

Ways to Add Value
Photographer: Margarida Afonso | Source: Unsplash

Expertise and Experience in the Industry

Darin emphasizes that one of the most powerful ways to add value in a multifamily partnership is by leveraging one’s expertise and experience. A well-versed individual in the industry can guide newcomers through the complex terrain of real estate investing, offering insights that only come from hands-on involvement. This includes understanding market trends, identifying viable investment opportunities, and navigating the legal and financial intricacies of real estate transactions. Individuals with a proven track record can instill confidence in potential partners and investors. They bring a level of assurance that can significantly mitigate risks associated with multifamily real estate ventures.

Sweat Equity in Finding Deals Helps You to Add Value

Another critical avenue to add value is through sweat equity, especially by taking the initiative to find and secure deals. Darin suggests focusing on a specific market segment. For example, a particular unit size and geographical area – and diligently reviewing potential properties. By conducting thorough due diligence, such as underwriting deals, obtaining budgets from property management companies, visiting sites, and engaging with brokers, an individual demonstrates commitment and capability. This legwork is fundamental in building credibility and trust with experienced investors and partners. Showing that they are willing and able to do the necessary groundwork to make informed investment decisions.

Availability of Capital for Investment

Capital can be a make-or-break factor in multifamily real estate partnerships, and Darin acknowledges that having substantial financial resources is a strong value proposition. Those with significant capital are attractive to syndicators because they can provide the necessary financial backing that can quickly move a deal forward. Being able to contribute a notable amount of equity into a deal not only aids in the acquisition of a property but also reinforces the capital contributor’s level of commitment to the success of the investment, which can be an enticing factor for a partnership.

Add Value by Raising Capital from a Network

Capital raising is an essential skill in multifamily partnerships. Darin points out that individuals may also add value through their ability to leverage a robust network to raise capital. Those who might not have considerable personal capital still play a pivotal role by tapping into their connections – friends, family, or professional contacts – who trust and are willing to invest with them. This ability to channel funds from various sources toward a multifamily venture is a vital component in ensuring adequate funding. Smoothing the path to acquiring properties and executing business plans.

Expertise in Asset Management

Post-deal execution is where asset management expertise becomes invaluable. Darin marks it as a significant area where an individual can add value to a multifamily partnership. Effective asset management entails overseeing the day-to-day operations and ensuring that the property performs as expected or better. It involves strategic planning, operational oversight, and financial management to increase a property's value and generate substantial returns. Individuals with a background in managing similar properties bring a level of practical knowledge and acumen that can greatly enhance a project's success rate. They offer potential partners confidence in the ongoing management of the investment.

By illuminating these pathways, Darin provides key insights into how individuals can analyze their unique strengths and skill sets to solidify their roles within multifamily partnerships. It’s an invitation to evaluate one’s professional journey and strategically position oneself as an indispensable asset to potential collaborators in the real estate sphere.

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