Get Started

April 16, 2021

Get Started

The hardest part is getting started. We love progress and progress will motivate us to go the next step. Too many people procrastinate and don’t ever get started. Get started!


Relay runner
Photographer: Braden Collum | Source: Unsplash

Starting is the most difficult part. Let’s talk about working out. People procrastinate and procrastinate in getting started.

What happens once you get started working out?

  • you feel better!
  • you start craving better foods!
  • you start feeling good about yourself!
  • you start measuring progress!
  • you can do more!

If we know this, why is it so hard to get started. Heck, walk to the end of the driveway today and the end of the street tomorrow. Before you know it, you are running several miles. It all started with that walk to the end of the driveway.

Why do I share this story with you?

It’s the same with real estate investing. Everyone starts with zero investment properties. I started three years ago with a duplex, then a $6 million deal, then a $15 million deal and then a $30 million deal. On these larger deals I was a much smaller percentage contributor but none of that would have occurred had I not started. For me, it was a duplex. For others, it’s a single family home, for others they go right into large scale multifamily. The point is, if real estate investing is a goal of yours, you need to take action and get started!

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Darin Batchelder

Wealth creation through real estate provided me with a new passion to get the word out and let others know that they have an alternative to investing in the stock market. If I can inspire and educate just one person to take action that results in life changing wealth creation then the work to launch and grow this podcast is well worth the effort.

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My 5 Step Process for Passively Investing In Real Estate

5 Step Process For Passively Investing In Real Estate

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