Get Uncomfortable

January 29, 2021

Get Uncomfortable

Get uncomfortable! What does that mean? How do I do it? What’s the benefit to getting uncomfortable?

Get Uncomfortable!

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This does not look comfortable. You don’t need to do this to get uncomfortable. You just need to do something you haven’t done before. Get out of your comfort zone! Try something new! That could be related to your business or investing success or could be something completely different. It could mean attending a free meetup group or signing up for an online conference or attending a live conference. Every time you try something new, you learn and it gets more comfortable the next time. Also you can use that experience to help you take action the next time you are faced with fear of trying something new. You think back and remember that it wasn’t as scary as you thought and you were glad you did it.

Country Dancing

So one Monday morning during my men’s bible study group, the lesson was on doing something that your wife wants to do. My wife has wanted us to learn country dancing. I have not made it a priority. I’m not a great dancer, this is new, I don’t know what I’m doing and this will be uncomfortable. I tell myself, I’m going to do it any way. A local country bar in Dallas has free country dance lessons on Thursday and Friday nights. I block off Thursday evening and tell my wife. She is so so excited! Not only is she excited to go but I can tell she is excited that I thought about doing something she wants to do, especially since she knows I didn’t really want to. I’m focusing on her wants and desires. We go, we learn and we decide we will block off Thursday evenings to come back.

One week goes by and we have a conflict. Two weeks go by and another conflict. Then Mr Facebook algorithm knows I’m interested in country dancing and I keep getting these ads to Showheroff country dancing lessons. It’s an online video series to learning some basic country dance moves in the comfort of your own home.

I bucked up and bought the series. It starts at like $69 and of course I upgraded to the extended offer and it still only cost like $150. We moved the ottoman in the living room, turned on the big screen tv and pulled the videos up on YouTube. We learned a few moves, had fun and we didn’t have to commute and didn’t have to make a fool of ourselves in front of others. We are both glad we did it and plan to continue on each Thursday evening. Who knows how far we will go. We surely don’t look like the couple in the picture but we had fun together and that’s what it’s all about.

Why do I share this story with you?

I was scared. I didn’t want to do it. It was uncomfortable. But it made my wife happy. It wasn’t nearly as bad I thought it would be in my mind. I started to learn something new and assuming we continue on we will get better each time. What are you scared of trying? Get out there and take a chance!

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