Invest In Yourself

February 19, 2021

Invest In Yourself

Many people don’t understand spending money on conferences, mentorships, books, online classes, etc. Some people think there is so much free information out there why would you ever pay?

Investing In Yourself Is The Absolute Best Investment You Can Make!

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Warren Buffett quote for you;

“By far the best investment you can make is in yourself.” He added that “investing in developing your communication skills — both in writing and in-person — can increase your value by at least 50 percent."

I have always been one to read and learn from others. What I missed in the message was the second part that is not always highlighted. First you need to learn from others and then you need to take action!

Now when I read a book, attend a conference, listen to a podcast, meet and network with people that are further along than I am, I look for ways I can take that knowledge and apply it in my world. The basic thought is “that’s awesome, how can I apply that in my world? What action can I take right now to help me progress and advance forward!”

Knowledge Is Only Useful If You Take Action!

Photographer: matthew Feeney | Source: Unsplash

Knowledge is only useful if you take action!

Get out there and learn by;

  • reading books
  • listening to podcasts
  • going to meetup groups
  • attending conferences
  • hiring mentors

Why do I share this story with you?

I believe in investing in yourself. I believe we all have a story. I believe we all have value to provide others. I believe there is always more for us to learn. I believe self development is critical to our success and our ability to help more people. I want each of you to believe in yourselves, take action and go after that burning feeling in your gut. Take a chance. Take a risk. Live life!

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Darin Batchelder

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