January 15, 2021


Brian Tracy in his book Maximum Achievement says he knows a happy family when he sees one by the amount of laughter he sees in the family. Interesting. I want that! I created a goal to create more laughter in our home, but how?

Laughter is Healthy

Trekking in the himalayan ranges, once we came across the region of Grahan which has this remote village wherein these kids were the locals enjoying outside their small wooden wall school. They reminded us of the childhood memories of ours which we had with our besties.
Photographer: Aman Shrivastava | Source: Unsplash

I googled the benefits of laughter and found one website that provided the following 7 benefits;

  1. Lowers blood sugar
  2. Reduces stress hormone levels
  3. Works your abs
  4. Improves cardiac health
  5. Boosts T-Cells
  6. Triggers the release of endorphins
  7. Produces a general sense of well-being


Laugh 🤣🤣🤣
Photographer: Tim Mossholder | Source: Unsplash

I always love a good laugh but never really thought about how do I bring more laughter into our family. I brought it up to my men’s bible study group and one of the guys offered the following advice. He said he heard Shay Carl, a vlogger on YouTube, with several million followers, created a daily habit. He goes into his bathroom and laughs for 30-60 seconds at the start of each day. That’s right he actually forces himself to laugh. Smiling and laughing can actually trick your brain into happiness.

Ok I tried it. It feels a little goofy. I then would start to laugh in front of my wife or daughter and get their reaction. They both thought I was weird but I did see a little smirk of a smile peep through.

Why do I share this story with you?

Financial freedom is important but family life and the health of your life and your family life is so much more important. If you have a ton of laughter in your family, I applaud you, you are doing something right. If not, stop and think about how you might bring more laughter to your family. Nobody has arrived. We are all on a journey to keep finding new ways to live life to the fullest. Most of us would agree, that a good laugh is one of the joys of life. I wish all of you much laughter!

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