Meditation - Is It Valuable?

December 18, 2020

Meditation – Is It Valuable?

Meditation – is it valuable? I’m not sure yet but I’m going to share my experience.


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I’ve heard from others and have read over and over how very successful people implement daily meditation into their daily routines. I’ve been reluctant to make the decision to learn. For me, I have been skeptical. I also think it sounds a little hokey. What can it really do for me?

Just Start – Take Action!

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I’m a guy who dishes out advice frequently to “take action!” When I was at the Mastermind in Jamaica I heard someone speak that was well ahead of me financially and with impact/reach to others. He said that he was focused on learning from those ahead of him and he noticed that many of the billionaires that he learns from meditate and state that they believe meditation has had a profound impact on their success in life. I decided right then and there that this was one of my take aways from the trip. As hokey as I believe meditation is, I am going to take action and try it.

What I Learned

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What I learned. I’m only 10 days in right now. It’s funny because I use an app and the moderator, actually came on and said something like “you are probably thinking to yourself is this working? Am I even doing this right?” That was me. I was just thinking those thoughts when the moderator said that. He went on to say that meditation like anything else in life is learned and you are not an expert right out of the gate. I feel a little funny when doing it and don’t know if I’m doing it right but it was comforting to hear that I was not alone in my thinking.

Last night my wife and I were out to dinner and I shared an experience I had. I told her that I was sitting in our bed and a not so positive thought entered my head. I’m not sure why I did this but I decided to just focus on my breathing and the sound of my breath as it went in and out of my nose. This was an exercise within the daily meditations. What was amazing is that my mind had actually shifted from the not so positive thought to just my breathing. I was successful in shifting my mind right there and then. Pretty cool!

In Napoleon Hill’s book, Outwitting the Devil, it talks a lot about being able to control one’s mind. Maybe this meditation thing will help me better control my mind. Who knows. We will see but that was pretty cool!

Why do I share this story with you?

The verdict is still out for me on meditation but it’s helped many other successful people and I just had a positive experience happen after just 10 days. We will see but maybe it can help you.

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