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Finding Your Comfort Zone in Passive Investing, with Vinki Loomba [Ep160] cover

July 4, 2023

Finding Your Comfort Zone in Passive Investing, with Vinki Loomba [Ep160]

In this episode, host Darin welcomes special guest Vinki Loomba, a seasoned real estate investor with a background in tech. Vinki shares her journey from the corporate world to full-time real estate investing. Discussing her early experiences in passive investing and the lessons she learned along the way. They talk about the challenges and hesitations that new investors may face when considering multifamily investments. Plus, the importance of education and understanding the syndication process. She also shares her insights on the current real estate market. Offering advice for those interested in investing during times of uncertainty. Don't miss this enlightening conversation filled with wisdom and practical tips for aspiring real estate investors.

Episode Timestamps

  • [00:02:33] Berkeley PhD to management trainee to real estate.
  • [00:06:22] Real estate investing is a solid asset.
  • [00:09:20] Real estate requires less investment, passive earnings.
  • [00:14:51] Real estate beats stock market for investing.
  • [00:18:29] Due diligence is crucial when investing money.
  • [00:21:00] Analyze dip in rent numbers when investing.
  • [00:25:01] Networking is crucial for success and growth.
  • [00:28:22] Why I do things for happiness.
  • [00:33:36] Risk-taking leads to growth and reward.
  • [00:37:53] Ignore negativity and achieve success.
  • [00:42:30] Change is scary, but necessary for improvement.
  • [00:44:11] Advice: Take action, cautious market ahead
  • [00:48:03] "Any time is the right time."
  • [00:52:42] Set goals, ask Vinki for contact info.
  • [00:55:51] Calm your mind through meditation for ideas.
  • [00:56:57] Breathing and meditation techniques for focus.

Episode Table of Contents

  • Transitioning from Academia to Business
  • Becoming a Landlord and the Spark of Passive Income Investing
  • Balancing Real Estate Investments with Corporate Jobs and Family
  • Returning to Real Estate Investing Post Early Retirement
  • Episode Summary and Conclusion
  • About Vinki Loomba

Transitioning from Academia to Passive Investing

Academia to Business
Photographer: Leon Wu | Source: Unsplash

The transition from academia to the business world is a topic that the guest, Vinki Loomba, touches upon in this podcast episode. She shares her personal experience as a management trainee at a financial company, where she began her career in the corporate sector. This role allowed her to develop a strong foundation in various aspects of business, particularly in the technology field. Vinki's time in the corporate world and her climb up the corporate ladder provided her with valuable skills and knowledge. These would eventually pave the way for her full-time venture into real estate.

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Early Industry Experience and Influence on Passive Investing

Vinki highlights how her early experience in the financial industry played a significant role in shaping her trajectory as a real estate investor. By working in the corporate sector, she gained exposure to the intricacies of the financial world. She developed a solid understanding of IT, which would later prove beneficial in her real estate ventures. This experience in the industry allowed her to acquire useful insights into management, operations, and financial strategies. All of which helped bolster her success in the real estate market.

Embracing New Opportunities

During the episode, Vinki stresses the importance of embracing new opportunities and being open to exploring different avenues. She shares how her own journey took unexpected turns. Moving from academia to technology to real estate, highlighting the value of being adaptable and open-minded. Vinki's emphasis on not being afraid to try something new resonates with the idea that personal growth often comes from embracing unfamiliar territory and venturing outside one's comfort zone.

From PhD to Landlord, and Early Retirement: "The taste of passive investing, or the passive income, was by default, as well, but we thought we hit the jackpot."— Vinki Loomba

By being willing to explore new opportunities, Vinki found success in real estate and discovered a passion for passive investing. Ultimately leading her to become a prominent figure in the industry.

Becoming a Landlord and the Spark of Passive Investing

passive investing
Photographer: Sortter | Source: Unsplash

Vinki shares her personal journey into real estate by becoming a landlord when she and her husband rented out their first home. This accidental path toward becoming a landlord exposed Vinki to the world of passive income investing. Through this experience, she discovered the power of generating income from real estate without actively managing the properties. This taste of passive investing sparked her interest and set her on the path toward further real estate investments.

Obtaining a California Realtor License and Investing in Retail Properties

Building upon her real estate expertise, Vinki decided to obtain her California Realtor license. This step allowed her to expand her investment portfolio beyond residential properties and venture into the realm of retail properties. By expanding her investment scope, Vinki gained a broader understanding of different asset classes within the real estate market. This diversification allowed her to tap into new opportunities and explore different segments of the industry. With her California Realtor license and her continued pursuit of knowledge, Vinki was able to leverage her experience and expand her real estate investment endeavors.

Balancing Passive Investing with Corporate Jobs and Family

Work Life Balance of Passive Investing
Photographer: Christophe Hautier | Source: Unsplash

Vinki opens up about the challenges she encountered when trying to balance her real estate investments with her corporate job and raising young children. Juggling multiple responsibilities and commitments can be overwhelming. Especially when trying to manage investments alongside a demanding career and family life. Vinki candidly discusses how she and her husband had to make difficult decisions to put their real estate endeavors on hold temporarily for the sake of managing their professional and personal lives effectively.

Putting Real Estate on the Back Burner

In response to the pressures of their corporate jobs, raising young children, and extensive travel, Vinki and her husband made the conscious decision to put their real estate investments on the back burner for a period of time. Recognizing the need to reassess their priorities and finding a sense of balance, they temporarily stepped away from actively growing their real estate portfolio to focus on other aspects of their lives. This hiatus allowed them to manage their responsibilities more effectively and strike a harmonious equilibrium between work and personal life. Ensuring that they were able to devote ample time and attention to both their careers and their family.

Throughout this segment, Vinki emphasizes the importance of finding balance and making conscious decisions about where to allocate time and energy. By being mindful of their own limits and prioritizing what truly matters. She and her husband were able to make the necessary adjustments to create a more manageable lifestyle while still ultimately working towards their real estate goals.

Returning to Real Estate Investing Post Early Retirement

Photographer: Ray Hennessy | Source: Unsplash

Vinki Loomba shares her experience of returning to real estate investing after taking early retirement from her primary job. This transition allowed her to shift her focus primarily to real estate investing. Providing her with the opportunity to dedicate more time and energy to grow her investment portfolio. Vinki highlights the benefits of being able to delve deeper into the world of real estate. As she was no longer bound by the demands and time constraints of her previous corporate job. This newfound freedom enabled her to immerse herself fully in the industry and take advantage of the opportunities and potential it offered.

The Benefits of Focusing on Passive Investing

Emphasizing the advantages of prioritizing real estate investing, Vinki highlights the ability to be proactive and hands-on in identifying profitable opportunities and managing investment properties. With more time and attention to devote to her real estate ventures, she was able to capitalize on the market and make strategic decisions aligned with her investment goals. Additionally, the freedom to focus primarily on real estate investing allowed Vinki to develop a deep understanding of the industry. She refined her skills to navigate the complex world of syndications and multifamily investments.

The Importance of Continuous Learning in Real Estate

Vinki underscores the significance of continuous learning and staying updated on industry trends and best practices within the realm of real estate investing. As with any dynamic market, real estate is subject to evolving dynamics and changing market conditions. By actively seeking out educational resources, attending seminars, engaging with industry professionals, and staying up-to-date, Vinki was able to enhance her knowledge and adapt to evolving trends.

"Why You Should Bet on a Good Jockey, Not Just a Good Horse: 'If the operator is strong, operator knows what the operator is doing to me. He's a jockey and our property or the deal is a horse. So horse will run faster or win the race if the jockey is good. So you're betting on a jockey.'"— Vinki Loomba

This dedication to ongoing learning allowed her to make informed investment decisions and stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Passive Investing Episode Summary and Conclusion

Passive Investing Episode Summary and Conclusion
Photographer: Toa Heftiba | Source: Unsplash

Vinki Loomba's journey and insights serve as a testament to the possibilities of real estate investing. Her experiences navigating the challenges of balancing a corporate job, family life, and property ownership demonstrate the value of perseverance and adaptability. With a commitment to ongoing education and a willingness to step outside comfort zones, Vinki exemplifies the potential for personal and financial growth through real estate ventures and passive investing schemes. Listeners are encouraged to embrace opportunities, prioritize learning, and find a balance that enables them to thrive in their own real estate endeavors.

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About Vinki Loomba

Vinki had plans to pursue a PhD at Berkeley, but decided to take a break and try her hand at the business world instead. She became a management trainee at a financial company and found herself enjoying the IT focus of the job. Over the next 20 years, she worked in the same company. But also became a landlord by default when she and her husband rented out their first home. This led to a passion for real estate investment, which she pursued while juggling two corporate jobs and raising two young children. Eventually, Vinki had to put her real estate endeavors on hold due to the demands of her busy life. However, she never lost sight of her passion. She was able to start investing in real estate again after taking an early retirement from her primary job.

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