Successful Morning Routines

February 12, 2021

Successful Morning Routines

Have you read or heard successful people talk about how they have a morning routine? Have you heard athletes talk about going through routines before and during competitions?

Do You Have A Morning Routine?

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Most successful people have a routine. Something they do every day. Something they do before and or during each competition or before they speak on stage, etc.

If we know this and we know we should learn from people that have done what we want to do or learn from people more successful than we are, then why do so many people not develop a productive morning routine for themselves?

I had a guest on my podcast recently that told me he heard a pastor say “successful people consistently do what unsuccessful people do occasionally.”

Work Outs

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Most people that are successful build workout time into their schedules and most build a regular routine, either early in the morning or later in the evening. Having a regular routine forms a habit and takes the thought “should I work out or shouldn’t I” out of the equation. You just get up and work out or leave work and stop by the gym. The more it becomes a regular routine, the easier it becomes to continue on. The hardest part is getting started.


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Most successful people build time into their day to read. Learning from others that have done what you want to do is a great way to shrink the time to get from point A to point B. It also gives you the confidence that if he or she could do it, you can do it also. You just need to believe in yourself, make the decision to go after it, then take action!

What’s My Morning Routine

I love to read, listen to podcasts and learn from others. I periodically evaluate my morning routine and will try and modify accordingly. Below is the current routine I try to stick to. I do not always get through all of it but feel way better when I do.

  • Post to Instagram
  • Workout
  • Read One Chapter of Bible
  • Write in Journal
  • Listen to My Personal Goals on Audio
  • Look at My Personal Goals on Vision Board
  • Meditate

I then prioritize the rest of my day. I try and do the top 2 or 3 things that will help me advance my goals. There are many “to do” items that get pushed back on the back burner. I then focus on completing those important tasks.

Why do I share this story with you?

I want each of you to succeed in accomplishing your goals and dreams. It’s not easy to build a productive daily routine but I see the value in it and always feel better when I get through it. Pick one item to do regularly at the same time of the day in the same place (a room in your house, in your car, conference room at work, etc). As you create one new habit that becomes routine, then build off that and add another.

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