Think Big!

March 19, 2021

Think Big!

You hear this over and over. Think big! Think bigger! When you think about it, it’s true! We can all think bigger!

Think Bigger!

A tattooed man staring into the distance contemplating and thinking with desert hills and clouds behind him.
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We all can think bigger! Our dreams, our goals can all be bigger! Who cares? It’s not a requirement to do big things, to accomplish big things, to acquire big things. It’s just not. Having said that, I believe most people wish they impacted more people, developed relationships with more people, helped more people, had a greater impact on this world!

How do yo do this? Think bigger!!

I recently read this book. Great book. Some take aways;

  • Success is determined by the size of one’s thinking
  • When you believe, I can do it, the how to do it develops
  • Your objective is to make successful action habitual
  • Life is yours to enjoy. Don’t waste it.
  • Knowledge is power when put to use
  • Gain the optimism of youth
  • Action cures fear
  • How big we think determines the size of our accomplishments
  • Look at things not as they are but as they can be
  • How much we can do depends on how much we think we can do
  • Ideas are fruits of your thinking
  • Be a man who thinks action
  • The idea is of value only when it is acted upon
  • Now is the magic word of success
  • Think progress

Why do I share this story with you?

I love to inspire people! I love seeing others take action and succeed! I love seeing people take risks in life and watch those risks pay off. I wish each of you much success!

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