The Top 5 Things You Need to Know 
About Multifamily Syndications

Your Essential Guide to Multifamily Real Estate Investment

Top 5 Things To KNow

Unveil the Secrets of Multifamily Syndications

Whether you're a seasoned investor or a beginner passionate about real estate, this guide is designed for you. Embark on a profitable journey into multifamily syndications with our comprehensive guide that covers the top elements you need to know.

Why This Guide Is Essential For You

  • Understand the benefits and potential of multifamily syndications
  • Learn how to enhance your retirement funds through real estate investments
  • Get insights into the forecasted returns and typical minimum investment amounts
  • Uncover the principles of syndication in the real estate landscape
  • Ascertain what it means to be an accredited investor
  • Plus, explore the risks involved in multifamily syndications to stay ahead of potential pitfalls

About Darin Batchelder

Darin Batchelder, your guide through the world of multifamily syndications, isn't just an author, but an experienced investor with an impressive track record. Combining his background as a CPA at PriceWaterhouse and PepsiCo with his hands-on experience in the real estate industry, Darin has successfully traded over $4 billion in loans, has started TZK Capital, and invested in over 4,000 multifamily units. He's gone from trading institutional loans at an international bank to venturing into the real estate arena - learning, growing, and succeeding along the way. Now, he's here to share his wealth of knowledge with you through this comprehensive guide.

Trusted Experts Endorse This Guide

Charles LeMaire

Real Estate Investor

I look for good sponsors

As a passive, I look for good sponsors; I look for a person that is knowledgeable, 'feels' trustworthy, and has financial and managerial acumen.  He had partnered with another excellent fellow, the deal looked good, Darin sounded excited.  I jumped and I have been satisfied with the results.  I actually use Darin as an example of a good neophyte sponsor when I describe MF RE and what I look for.

Jane Paull-Bridgeman

CEO of De Novo Tempus Enterprise Inc, Frisco, TX

Investor’s money as if it were his very own

I met Darin through an educational investment group based in Dallas, TX. I can honestly say working with, and investing with Darin has been a breath of fresh air. His work ethic is genuine, honest, diligent and effective. I can rest easy knowing he cares about each and every investor’s money as if it were his very own. I would not hesitate to invest over and over again with Darin at the helm!

Raj Gupta

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Impact Prosperity Partners, Naperville, IL

Work ethic, attention to detail and asset management skills

Darin and I joined forces to partner as co-sponsors for the Hampton Hollow acquisition back in 2018. His work ethic, attention to detail, asset management skills, and people skills have had a huge impact on the success of this deal, which has performed above expectations. Whether it's syndicating real estate deals, hosting a podcast, or being a dedicated family man...I know Darin is going to succeed in everything he puts his mind to.

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