March 5, 2021


Vacations! An investment in your relationships with friends and family! A time to recharge! A time to think! New ideas, new opportunities!

Vacations Are An Investment In You & Your Relationships!

Secrets Maroma Beach & Resort - Riviera Maya - Mexico
Photographer: Armando Coda | Source: Unsplash

I have not been here but it looks like the image of a vacation. A time to relax. A time to enjoy the outdoors. A time to spend together.


Photographer: Patricia Prudente | Source: Unsplash

This is not our family but it reminds me of many beach vacations. My wife and I have given our children much in the way of clothes, gifts, sports lessons, travel sports fees, travel for sporting events, even cars when they turned 16. I would guess from everything we gave them, what they will remember and cherish most are the vacations we went on together. The special moments we shared. the new experiences we shared.

Don’t let the dollars and cents always be the final answer on whether to take a vacation or not. We can’t take stuff or bank accounts with us when we pass. Make sure to budget in time away with family and friends to enjoy life! To share new experiences!

Why do I share this story with you?

I believe there is nothing more important than relationships. Make sure to budget money and time to create the special memories that all of you will cherish for years to come.

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