What Equipment Do You Need To Start A Podcast

January 8, 2021

What Equipment Do You Need To Start A Podcast

Ever wondered what equipment you need to start a podcast? I did also. I got on a plane and went to Podfest, a podcasting conference in Orlando, and asked everyone I could find for advice. This is what I decided to go with.

Podcast Equipment

Podcasting setup with headphones, desk and professional microphone
Photographer: Jonathan Farber | Source: Unsplash

There are many options. I wanted quality sound but not break the bank for a start up podcast. Below are the choices I went with and I’ve been very happy with the quality thus far.


I went with the Samsung Q2U microphone and have been very pleased. I’ve been told to make sure you use a USB microphone, so if you choose another one make sure it’s a USB microphone. Purchased on Amazon.


I went with the ATH-M50x Audio Technica headphones. They sound amazing! I didn’t really understand why you needed good head phones but after you spend time listening and doing edits, you realize the importance of good headphones. This was a great recommendation. Another thing I was told was to purchase the wired headphones not the wireless. I like wireless with most things these days so I questioned that but I was told that the wireless feature can cause issues with other wireless devices. I went with the wired option. I was also advised to have all guests wear headphones during the recording. I don’t know the technical reasons why but I had many people tell me that if the guest does not wear headphones it can cause issues. I listened to the advice and recommend all my guests to wear headphones. Purchased on Amazon.


I went with the Logitech C920 Pro. Based on the above image, looks like Best Buy does not carry it any longer. Maybe there is a new version out and available. This webcam is much more vivid and clear as compared to the webcam that comes built into the MacBook. You can also check Amazon.


You can use a PC or an Apple. I went with the Apple MacBook Pro.

Audio Recording Platform

This is the platform that both the host and the guest have their interview recorded on.

I’ve been a guest on many podcasts and I’ve noticed that most podcasters in the multifamily industry use Zoom for recording both audio and video. While I was at the Podfest conference, I heard over and over again how listeners are concerned with the quality of the audio sound. I do not know all the technical reasons behind the audio quality but asked for recommendations and Squadcast was one platform that was recommended by many and I’ve been happy with the audio quality. The one issue I had with going with SquadCast was that they did not and still do not offer video. I spoke with the founders of the company and they told me that video was coming in 2020. We’ve all heard from many software companies that “it’s coming.” I made a business decision to launch with audio only and then implement video when Squadcast comes out with it. I hope that they are true to their word. Thus far I’ve been happy with my decision.

Podcast Hosting Platform

Once the podcast is recorded, the file is sent to a podcast hosting service. We use Libsyn and I believe they are the largest podcast hosting service. There are many to choose from. The podcast episode is hosted on Libsyn and then Libsyn sends out an RSS feed to the podcast directories such as Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts and many, many more. This was news to me. I thought we sent the podcast episode to Apple Podcasts and the others but that is not the case. Apple Podcasts and the others act as directories or search engines to help find the right podcast for each listener. When the listener clicks on the episode, it actually links back to the file sitting on Libsyn’s server.

Audio Editing Software

I went with Adobe Audition and I believe this is the industry standard. I send the audio files to a third party to put the episode together as they are experts at optimizing the audio quality.


I did not include an image but I would highly suggest you purchase lighting to shine towards you to make the visual appearance lighter and brighter. You can find many affordable lighting packages on Amazon.

Why do I share this story with you?

Some of you may be looking to start your own podcast. Some of you may be curious as to what equipment is involved. Some of you may be guests on podcasts and want to know what equipment you should consider. For the podcast guest, I would recommend the microphone, the webcam and lighting first, that will improve your visual and audio. Next I would add the headphones just because they sound great but they are a nice to have not a need to have for guests.

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