Why Attend Masterminds?

December 11, 2020

Why Attend Masterminds?

Why attend masterminds? Some people have asked me this question. I’m sure it’s different for everyone but for me it’s all about the relationships developed and trying to find one nugget here or there that I can apply to my business or personal life.


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Getting together with other like minded successful people brings you energy and confidence in going after big dreams and big goals. When you see what others ahead of you have accomplished, it provides you with the motivation that it’s possible to achieve your goals and dreams.

It’s amazing how open other people are. I believe in the genuine goodness in people. People want to help and add value to others. People that attend these types of events typically have an abundance mindset.

We share ideas and try and help one another level up to to where we want to go.

There are always people below you and people ahead of you. Help those coming up behind you and learn from those that have already done what you want to do.

Napoleon Hill – Think & Grow Rich

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If you have not read the book by Napoleon Hill Think & Grow Rich, I highly recommend it. One of Napoleon Hill’s quotes “The Master Mind principle. Two or more people actively engaged in the pursuit of a definite purpose with a positive mental attitude, constitute an unbeatable force.”

Let others help you and you help others. We all have different experiences and different challenges.

Jamaica Mastermind

I spent 3 days in Jamaica with 25 or 30 people focused on real estate investing. We all spent time getting to know one another and discussing ideas that may help each other. We also had a lot of fun enjoying catamaran trip, jumping off large cliffs, riding four wheelers and enjoying local music and entertainment.

So What’s The Return On Investment?

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It’s funny because most of the people that ask me this are people that have not invested in themselves to attend conferences, masterminds, mentorships, etc. The return is not always immediately apparent. It may come right away or it may come in time. It may come from joy in helping others or it may come from one idea or one relationship that has a positive impact on your business or personal life.

I believe the investment is well worth it and would encourage each of you to start investing in yourself. Get uncomfortable and get out there and meet people. Meet people that you can help and add value to and meet people that can help you.

My Main Take Away

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In addition to meeting great people, having a great time and sharing ideas, my main two take aways were;

  • Meditation – I’ve read over and over that medication is something many successful people implement into their daily lives. To date, I’ve been reluctant to try and learn. After this Mastermind, I committed to myself that I was going to implement meditation into my daily life and see if it has an impact. I’m 10 days in and I will share my thoughts in another blog post.
  • Introduction to new podcast guest – David Toupin was one of the hosts of the Mastermind. David is in his 20’s and his taking off as a proven multifamily real estate investor. He asked me on the trip at dinner one night “Darin, what are you trying to achieve with your podcast? What’s your goal?” I told him to date, I’ve had very experienced multifamily syndicators on the show and that I wanted to start to branch off and start inviting professional athletes that also invest in real estate. Right there and then, he sent a private message to Josh Childress, former NBA Super Star. David connected us and we just recorded the episode together which will come out in a few weeks. David opened his relationships to me right there and then. That’s what life is all about “helping one another!”

Why do I share this story with you?

I’ve learned that self development and relationships are both priceless. I encourage each of you to invest in yourself and get out there and network with others. Add value to others and it will come back to you.

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